Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lust Is Still Lust - Part 2

Yesterday I wrote about the dangers of lust, both for young men and young women. I'm not so naive as to think everyone agreed with what I wrote. I would like to share a few statistics that I found to show why this is such a huge issue and one that we need to take seriously.

  • 93% of young men and 62% of young women are exposed to porn by age 18.
  • 70% of young men and 23% of young women have spent more than 30 minutes looking at porn in one sitting. A large portion of those have done it on more than one occasion.
  • Large numbers of young men and women have seen horrific sex acts, including bondage (the subject of the very popular books I referenced yesterday), rape, and child porn.

While I could continue to lay down an argument against porn and lust, my purpose is to show that this isn't something to be toyed with. It isn't something to laugh about and pretend like it is not a big deal. Lust is a huge problem. When students are spending significant periods of time looking at pornographic material, it is no longer a joke.

It is deadly serious.


  1. I can remember being in a ladies bible study about 10 years ago and my sister in law and I brought up the idea of porn addiction being a huge problem in men our age and that it had destroyed the marriage of at least 2 couples we knew, WHO WERE CHRISTIANS, and the older women in the group looked genuinely shocked. It is rampant and we have to bring it into the light. This destroys people. you can't "unsee" things.

  2. As you can see from the stats listed above, addiction is a huge problem for young men and quickly becoming a problem for young women. My purpose with these articles is to draw attention to the fact that young women face the exact same temptations, but they are often ignored or downplayed. All young people can fall victim to this devastating sin.