Friday, December 23, 2011

FinishYear 2012

Today, Jon Acuff wrote a piece about some of the projects that he will be finishing in 2012. It kind of struck a chord with me and I spent a lot of time today thinking about what things I would like to begin and finish in 2012. Here is the list I came up with:
  • I will read over 3,000 chapters of the Bible.
  • I will memorize the books of 1 John and James.
  • I will memorize Romans 5-8.
  • I will read a minimum 24 books (1 non-fiction and 1 fiction book per month)
  • I will run at least 2 5K races in less than 28 minutes.
  • I will run in either a 10 mile race or ½ marathon.
  • I will hand copy the book of Proverbs into a journal.
  • I will write on my blog at least three times a week, making a minimum of 150 quality posts.
I realize that some of these projects seem lofty and will require a great deal of effort on my part. My wife and I are also expecting our fourth child in June and anyone who has ever had a child knows how much work goes into them. That being said, I am hoping that I can depend on the support and accountability of my friends to help me be successful.

What are you planning to finish in 2012?

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  1. liked your post....added and adjusted my new years list i am compiling for the next year