Monday, March 12, 2012

Ministry Search Update (as of Monday, March 12)

As many of you may know, I have been searching for a position as a youth pastor for quite some time. One of the places that I had sent a resume to was Charles Town Baptist Church in Charles Town, West Virginia. It just so happens that I live in Charles Town, WV. In December 2011, I had an initial meeting with the pastor and we had a great time over coffee.

In February, I contacted the pastor just to see what the status of the search was. He explained to me that they were currently talking with a candidate and if he did not work out, they would be in contact with me. Two days later, I received an email from the Search Committee letting me know that they were interested in talking with me. Attached to the email was a written interview. I completed the questions and returned the information to the Search Committee. About a week later, I was contacted again and asked to come in for an interview. This interview took place on March 6. A few days after the interview, I was contacted and informed that the search committee would like to meet my wife, so we are going out to dinner with them this week.

I want to thank everyone for their prayers and words of encouragement. It has been an incredibly process and we are not quite there yet. However, it has been great to see God's hand in all that has taken place so far. I would ask that you continue to pray and hope that good news is on the way.

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