Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Reflections on My Interview

After months of prayer, I was finally called for an interview at a church. During my interview, I met with three members of the search committee and the pastor. It was a bit grueling, but somewhat enjoyable. Here are some of my reflections based on my experience.

  1. You can never know what to expect. I asked a number of people what kinds of questions I could expect to be asked. Guess what? None of those questions got asked. I got asked all kinds of questions, but none that I truly expected.
  2. No matter how prepared you might be, you will freeze under the pressure. When you are in the spotlight, your brain will freeze up. Questions that should be easy to answer are suddenly difficult. The only thing you can do is trust that God is providing you with the correct answers.
  3. The people interviewing are great people. Even though they may not smile a lot and ask you some really tough questions, those interviewing you have your best interest and the interest of the church in mind. They truly desire God's will for the church and for you.

Those are my experiences from the interview that I participated in. I am trusting that God will see this through to the end. But whether I am hired or not, I am grateful for the opportunity to have gone through this process.

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