Thursday, March 15, 2012

Purpose Driven Youth Ministry - Power of God

In preparation for what I hope will become the ministry we have been praying for, I am currently reading through Purpose-Driven® Youth Ministry by Doug Fields. In the book, Fields writes about the nine components that make up a healthy youth ministry.

The first component is that of the Power of God. It should be understood that nothing can be done for God without the power of God. After reading this, I got to thinking about how I tap into the power of God and keep my spiritual life vibrant. Here are some of the areas that I work on in my life in order to stay tapped into God's power.

  • Prayer. I am working to ensure that I have a stronger prayer life.
  • Bible Reading. I read a minimum of ten chapters a day. In addition I try to read through certain passages of the Bible several times each day.
  • Scripture memory. I begin each morning by reviewing my Scripture memory verses.
  • Preaching podcasts. I am working to build a preaching library and I use the preaching ministry of a number of different pastors to help keep me filled spiritually.
  • Good Christian books. I try to read as many commentaries and books to help keep refreshed.

What things do you do to keep yourself spiritually refreshed and tapped into God's power?

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