Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Story of God's Faithfulness at Liberty University

On Saturday, May 12, 2012, I graduated from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. I had the privilege and honor to attend the graduation (more on that to come). Because Tina is getting ready to have our fourth baby, I paid a little extra to get her a special seat at the ceremony. While I was sitting in the heat, Tina had the opportunity to be in the air-conditioning with fruit and muffins (no bitterness here).

While she was watching the ceremony, Tina met a woman who was at the graduation to watch her son be awarded his degree. She was also a graduate of Liberty University in 1974. While they were talking, Tina asked her if it was different being there as a mom instead of as a graduate. The woman told Tina that the most special part of the day was seeing her son graduate, knowing that where we were sitting in the football stadium had once been a pile of dirt. She and her classmates used to come to the empty lot and pray that God would do amazing things on that piece of property. Today, Liberty University is the largest Christian University in America, with over 14,000 graduates this year.

God had answered her prayers. I was blessed to be a part of God's answer to this woman's prayer. Just imagine the impact that your prayers can and will have on future generations.

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