Friday, May 25, 2012

Yesterday Was a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Yesterday was a terrible day.

It started out fine, but quickly went awry. I shaved...but somehow managed to miss the right side of my face.

On the way to work, I stopped to get a cup of coffee and, upon exiting the store, noticed that my back tire was going flat. I had run over a nail or piece of metal. This is bad, but not nearly as bad as being told by everyone who was going in or coming out of the store that my tire was going flat. I drove to the gas station and discovered that a work van was parked in front of the air pump. After about five minutes, the owner of the van came out and told me that the pump didn't work.

I drove over to the gas station across the street and found that their air pump required 75 cents. Not having any money, I had to go inside and take money out of the ATM ($20 + $2.50 service fee). The gas station owner would not give change unless I bought something, so I bought a Cheerwine (delicious!). When I got outside, the air pump was also being used. However, the man using it was kind enough to let me use the remaining time from his 75 cents. I filled my tire and drove to work, praying that it would hold until I could get to a tire shop after school.

In the parking lot, I was nearly sideswiped (again) because the parents who drop off their students in the morning refuse to look to see if there is any oncoming traffic before they pull away from the curb.

I called a few places to see about getting my tire fixed, but was told that it would be several hours, even if it was just a simple tire patch.

End-of-year testing was stressful.

After a lot of pleading and maneuvering, I was able to get enough coverage for my students to allow me to leave school and head over to a tire shop in the middle of the day. I had to go in the middle of the day because I could not miss the staff meeting after school.

I ended up having to replace both back tires. I knew this was coming, but it always stings a bit when you have to pay $250 on something.

There was a lot of traffic coming home, but mostly because there were several police cars driving the same way I was going and everyone got concerned.

And, to end it all, the Check Engine light that I just had looked at came back on.

I have done a lot of complaining about my day. It was a terrible day. Fortunately, I serve a God that is bigger than my terrible day. He was there with me through the entire day, even when I was stressing and fretting. I was never out of His sight or His thoughts throughout all of it.

This song by the Supertones discusses this very thing.

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