Tuesday, February 7, 2012

President Obama, You Can't Choose to Be a Christian When It is Convenient

I am not one to write about politics very often. I will argue politics (and get very heated about them), but I usually don't write about them. However, a few things have happened recently that have really irked me in regards to President Barack Obama. It is a well known fact that our president claims to be a Christian. When he was running for president in 2008, he sat down with Pastor Rick Warren and quoted Micah 6:8. He will often refer to his Christian faith. But here's the deal: while I'm not one to question the validity of someone's faith claims, it would appear to me that President Obama only uses his Christianity when he believes it will help him in the polls.

Recently, President Obama claimed that the reason he was so adamant about taxing the wealthy and giving their money to others was based his Christian faith. He referenced Luke 12:48 as the reason why it is acceptable and required that the wealthy pay even more taxes.

The second thing that President Obama did was to require that all religious organizations provide medical benefits that would include contraceptives, including ones that would induce an abortion. This is not a suggestion; it was a requirement, one that was done even when he was urged by others not to do so.

If I may be so bold as to address the president for a moment: Mr. President, while I am thankful that you claim to be a Christian, and I hope that it is true, I find it difficult to reconcile the things that you do and the laws that you pass with what the Bible teaches. As Christians, we have the joy and the pleasure to help others out of a love for our Savior, not because we are required to by the government. Many Christians are extremely generous individuals. We strive to help others and meet their needs. While I am sure that you are desiring the same thing, forcing individuals to do so through taxes is not the appropriate way to go about it.

Additionally, Mr. President, your requirement that religious organizations provide means to abortive contraceptives is overstepping your bounds. As Christians, we are called to respect life, knowing that all life is made in the image of God. Your policies do not mesh with these beliefs. I'm sorry, sir, but I do not believe that what you are doing here is right.

Mr. President, you cannot be a Christian when it is convenient or when you think it will be good for you in the polls. Being a Christian requires every aspect of your life. Again, while I have no desire to question your spiritual condition, I think that it is important for you to read 1 John before making any more claims as to being a Christian. Sir, there is much about your life that is causing many to question if you are truly a believer or simply one that is using the name of Jesus to get ahead in the polls. I pray that it is the former.

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