Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wives and Youth Ministry

On a recent written interview, I was asked a question in regards to what role my wife would play in my ministry. I'm going to keep response private for the time being (waiting to hear about the future), but I did find it interesting that another blog addressed this very topic. Here is a just a bit of what Josh Evans had to say on the topic.

God designed for her gifts to not be your gifts- Have you heard the cliche, “opposites attract?” This is true. My wife and I are different people with different abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and interest. This is such an important reason to make your ministry successful. There are things that come my way in our student ministry that my wife can implement her gifts in areas that I am a bit uncomfortable or not gifted in. She compliments me, because her gifts are different from mine, and when both of us are using our gifts for the ministry, our ceiling and potential becomes higher.

Your wife can offer you a different perspective- I ask my wife about ministry, sermon series, games, etc. Her insight blows me away every time, because she brings about a different perspective on those things. She thinks and brings up questions that I would never ever think of, because we are made differently. Also, she understands where teenager girls are coming from. This is impossible for me to understand at all, and she gets it, and helps me as I address things to them.

It brings an example for your students- You should be putting your wife on a pedestal. You should never demean her in front of your students. You should constantly be building her up and lifting her up. Students in our youth groups are coming from broken homes and families, and they are craving a Godly and Biblical example of what a right relationship should be according to the Bible.

Josh had some other great insights. I hope that you will take the time to read some of his other thoughts on his blog.

Personal note: I have developed a bit of "relationship" with Josh, as much as one can through Facebook, blogs, etc. His blog is a treasure trove of great ideas and useful articles.

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