Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Current Ministry

One of the great joys of being at First Baptist Inwood is the fact that I get to work with the college and career group. Normally, a group like this would have a unique or interesting name. Ours does not. We are simply the College and Career group. I am extremely thankful for the folks who come to class each week. We currently have between 6-7 folks, including myself and my wife.

One of the interesting parts of college ministry is the fact that our class actually increases in size during the summer. Many of our college kids attend West Virginia University or Shepherd University, so they are away during the school year and return home during the summer. As a result, we will be losing at least three of our folks in just a few weeks when the new semester starts up.

My question to you, my wonderful reader, is: What ministry are you currently involved with and what do you like about it?

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