Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Interview with Pastor Devin Ward, Part 2

Here is the second part of the interview I did with Pastor Devin Ward of First Baptist Church Inwood.

Describe the amount of time you spend in an average week in sermon preparation.

An average week includes preparation for Wednesday lessons, Sunday School
lessons, and one or two sermons on Sunday. Depending on the amount of hospital visits, funerals, weddings, etc. which need my attention on any given week, I probably spend 25-30 hours in preparation. This would include the reading of various commentaries, etc. in connection with the passages, topics I am dealing with.

Describe the amount of time you spend in an average week in administrative responsibilities.

This may take up to as much as 10-15 hours a week and would include dealing
with all forms of correspondence, personal letters, e-mails, church newsletter
articles, and other means of communicating with church family. As pastor of the
sending church for two church planting efforts, I have found myself engaged in
correspondence with churches which have helped in the supporting of our
missionaries as well.

Describe the amount of time you spend in an average week in personal devotions and prayer.

Not nearly enough! 3-5 hours per week. Far too often, I find myself
consumed with the needs before me and cut back on time I should be spending
alone with God, without the agenda of sermon and/or lesson preparation. I am not
happy with this amount of time spent on personal devotions with God.

The third part of my interview will follow. I hope you have enjoyed learning from Pastor Devin. Please post any questions or comments you have and I will be happy to share them with him.

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