Monday, August 15, 2011

The Five Kids You Find in Every Youth Group

Last week, we took a look at the Five People You Find in Every Church. Today, we are going to examine the five kids that every youth group has.

  • The Mascot. Every youth group has a mascot. This is usually a smaller boy who wants to belong with the older, cooler kids. In order to get their attention and gain their friendship, The Mascot will do really weird and crazy things, such as volunteer to swallow goldfish, spit spitballs at the youth pastor while he is driving, or show his rear end to passing motorists from the back of the bus.

  • The Lovebird. The Lovebird is a boy/girl in the youth group who, at one point or another, will have a crush on every member of the opposite sex in the youth group (except the Mascot). The feelings are strong for about a week, then fade just as quickly. This is especially true when a visitor comes to the youth group.

  • The Pastor's Kid. The Pastor's Kid usually like to cause trouble and can get away with it because he is the pastor's child. He/she is usually best friends and archenemies with the Lovebird because he/she always manages to "snag" the prettiest of the group. It is also the Pastor's Kid who gets the Mascot to do all of the things he does.

  • The "Too Cool for This" Kid. There is always one kid in the group who is too cool for what is going on. She stands in the corner, listening to her iPod and making snide remarks. Yet, for some reason, she always shows up to every activity. It probably has something to do with the Pastor's Kid.

  • The Preacher Boy. The Preacher Boy was called to preach before he could talk. He loves to strut around, letting everyone know that he has a step on them in holiness because he is going to be a preacher one day. The youth pastor loves this guy and asks him to pray at every youth group meeting and activity. If the youth group does the service in church one night, it revolves all around the youth group's prize pupil: The Preacher Boy.

Please remember, these are simply sketches of individuals and not meant to identify any one person in particular. Except for me. I was about three of them.

Which one of these best fits you when you were in your youth group?

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