Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Another One Bites the Dust

It would appear that this "round" of my job search is over. I had sent a resume to a church in Texas back in May and I found out that the job has been filled yesterday. The sad fact to this story is that I did not find out from the search committee that the position had been filled. Rather, I went to the church's website and saw that they had welcomed their new youth pastor several weeks ago, at the end of June.

The really frustrating part of this process was that I was in contact with a woman at the church during the process. At first, she was very forthcoming and quick to answer emails. Then, suddenly, the responses completely stopped. I emailed her three times over a several week period and did not hear back. Finally, last night, I received an email that stated, "I apologize that you didn't receive an email. I sent personalized emails to all the candidates, but I guess you were left off the list."

I guess that mistakes like this happen, but the part that gets to me is that every church that I have dealt with so far has treated me this way. I either get no response or, when I ask questions about what I could do to improve as a candidate, my inbox remains strangely empty. My hope is that a pastor will read this and do his best to make sure that the process is improved. I know other places that hire do similar things, but you would think that a church would be different.

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