Friday, August 12, 2011

Ministry Interview with Eric King, Part 1

One of the things that I want to do with this blog is to discuss various roles that people play in the service of God, not simply as pastors, but in other areas as well. I recently had the opportunity to interview Eric King. Eric is the Director of Missional Church Strategist Team, a part of the International Missions Board. This was a unique opportunity for me because Eric was once my work supervisor at the Distribution Center for A Beka Book in Pensacola, Florida. I drove him crazy as a goofy freshman who went by the nickname Fish. It has been great keeping in touch with him and seeing how God has been using him to further the Gospel. Well without any more jibber jabber on my part, here is the first part of the interview.

What is your current role in the ministry and how long have you been in that role? Have you had any other positions? My current role is: Director of Missional Church Strategist Team, 1 yr. For 4 years I served as a Missional Church Strategist. Prior to that I served as Minister of Missions.

Tell me about your call to ministry. I have a unique call as my home church asked me to come on staff prior to my ever experiencing a call from God. After dismissing the request for several weeks, yet still being pursued, I committed to passionate prayer. God clearly revealed this was His plan for my family. It really wasn’t until a year later while being on a mission trip in Brazil that I truly surrendered to the call. I had been fulfilling the position but had not truly surrendered.

What type of preparation did you have for the ministry? I have no formal preparation but have pursued God’s will in my life. Most of my learning has come through mentors and those who discipled me. I did attend Christian school and college so I have a good biblical knowledge base.

How many other positions in ministry have you had and how did you know when it was time to move from one position to another? I am currently in my 3rd ministry role. I personally commit to remain in the position God places me until there is an obvious and overwhelming pull away. God is faithful to clearly lead those who desire to walk daily in His will.

The other questions will be posted over the next couple of days. I hope that you will pray for Eric King and his family as they continue to minister. I also hope that these interviews are a blessing to you.

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