Monday, August 22, 2011

Just For Fun - Things You May Hear Yelled During a Sermon

It seems that yelling at the pastor during a sermon is acceptable behavior in some churches. Here is a list (not original to me; I culled it from the "You Know You're Baptist When" Facebook group) of the things you may hear yelled at your church on any given Sunday.

  • Amen!
  • Preach It!
  • Burn 'em, preacher!
  • Park there awhile!
  • Feed the sheep!
  • Oh me!
  • Glory to God!
  • Help us!
  • Stomp on them toes!
  • C'mon now!
  • That's good!

And, if you are really lucky, the video below will show you what might happen. You never know.

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